"No Credit Check" 90 Day Financing        85% Approval Rate & Virtually No Cost to the Merchant!
How much business are you turning away each month because your customers can't afford to pay 100% of the cost of your product or service up front? Our average client realizes an increase in business of 40% or more!  ARC Merchant Services provides "NO CREDIT CHECK" 90 Day Financing to businesses across North America.  Benefits Include: 

1. We have partnered with two of the strongest names in check verification and credit services, Global  Check and VISA         and  we can get you set up and doing business in less then 15 minutes.
2. Low start up cost and only $15 per month to run.

3. No costly equipment; just use your computer and fax machine.
4. 85% Approval Rate with NO CREDIT CHECK! No Social Security number needed !!!
5. You are guaranteed to get paid even if a check is not good!
6. You decide how much you want down as well as how much and how often your customer gets billed! You are in complete control! 

Contact Your ARC representive for more information or to sign up…
Frank Evans (843) 455-1410
Click on this link to sign up online: http://www.arcmerchantservices.com/sign_up.html
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